Eicher Launches Pro 6000 Series Trucks

VE Commercial Vehicles, the 50:50 joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors launched three trucks under the Pro 6000 series – the Pro 6031, Pro 6025 and Pro 6025T.
“In 2008, the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors came together with a vision to modernize the Indian commercial vehicle industry and here we are today to present the most professional, holistic and progressive approach to Indian trucking, the Eicher Pro 6000 series,” said Philippe Divry, Senior Vice President, Volvo Group and VECV board member.
“The vital combination of Volvo Group’s world-class technology and frugal cost expertise and management of Eicher has created a range that will set new benchmarks amongst customers and high demands on profitability and driver effectiveness,” he added.
Eicher Pro 6000 Series Launch
The company says these three trucks in the Pro 6000 series offer best-in-class fuel efficiency, better performance and leads to increased productivity, enabling operators to have more “on road” time than the competition.
And what fuels these advantages are the latest VEDX engines, developed in association with the Volvo Group and a host of features aided by advanced electronics. These include what Eicher calls the IDIS – Intelligent Driver Info System which further provides ‘Fuel Coaching’ – enabling drivers to drive in the most fuel efficient manner and also cruise control for fatigue-free driving.
The IDIS also provides a high/low RPM indicator prompting the driver to switch to a lower or higher gear as desired. It also has a vehicle torque indicator enabling drivers to provide optimum accelerator pedal response.
That’s not all – advanced telematics, what the company calls the Eicher Live system conducts all kinds of diagnosis of the vehicle, including fuel level and overall health and then connects and sends signals on the diagnostic analysis – to owners as well as service workshops. The system also throws up fault indicators to the driver in the form of visual signals, messages and alarms.
Eicher Pro 6025ST
Although Eicher hasn’t officially revealed prices of each variant, the trucks will cost between Rs 21 lakh and Rs 30 lakh across all variants, including the AC and non-AC variants. The slight premium price, say company officials, makes up for in maximum lifetime profitability. So, savings on fuel, more ‘on road’ time and less driver fatigue will translate to more trips and more revenue for customers.
“Our aspiration is to become a key player in the heavy duty segment and the three trucks launched today will help us achieve the target of 15 per cent market share in the next three years or so,” said Vinod Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.
The Pro series of trucks are being launched in a phased manner with Pro 1000 and Pro 3000 series already available in the market. The Pro Series trucks will gradually replace the existing truck range with gross weight between 5 and 49 tonnes.
VECV has already invested Rs 2,300 crore in the last 4-5 years on infrastructure development, new products and revamping and modernizing the entire set up. Now the company will be looking at key export markets, including other countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
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