LaFerrari Spider spied :Hot on The Heels of the New Ferrari FXXK

The LaFerrari is the epitome of Ferrari’s technical abilities when it comes to street cars. With its beautifully sculpted body designed by Pininfarina, the LaFerrari is already quite beautiful. That said, reports suggest a new limited production spider version of the LaFerrari will soon be released.

A mysterious LaFerrari test mule was recently spotted outside the Maranello factory hinting at yet another version of the hybrid hypercar. Reports suggest that the spider version will get a set of conventional doors instead of the trademark butterfly doors which could explain the different design of the doors on the test car. The test mule also has a set of different wheels, with smaller ones up front which might be for some sort of performance testing.

The LaFerrari spider will be powered by the same 6.3-litre V12 engine with 800PS of power and supplemented by a 163PS electric motor giving a total of 963PS of peak power. The LaFerrari spider will most probably cost upwards of three million dollars and will feature a two piece removable roof like the Lamborghini Aventador roadster.


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