Honda launches the new Hybrid model in Japan

Honda has launched its new hybrid model in Japan with the name Honda Grace. The new car features Honda’s SPORT HYBRID i-DCD single-motor hybrid system, which allows the driver to start the car in full EV mode. However, later on, the driver can easily switch to the combustion whenever it is necessary.

The engine is the same 1.5 litre, quad-cylinder petrol mill, which is available in India. It is capable of producing 110 PS power with a net torque output of 134 Nm. Honda has claimed that the car is capable of returning up to 34.4 kilometres per litre according to the United States standard. Honda also has an All-Drive variant in this Grace, which can return 29.4 kilometres per litre.

Honda launches the new Hybrid model in Japan, Honda Car News | CarTrade.com
Honda launches the new Hybrid model in Japan
When it comes to the cosmetic updates of the Honda Grace, there are a few minor updates. Honda has brought an LED light package on the car. Apart from this, the car also comes with a set of alloy wheels. These wheels offer a lower drag co-efficient and are available with a diamond cut finishing.

Fans in India are however, not receiving the ne Honda Grace anytime soon. However, it is an important boost to the image of the Japanese brand. The Honda Grace is expected to be priced at 1950000 Yen, which comes to about 10.16 lakhs INR.
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