First BMW-TVS bikes to be launched in 2015

TVS Motors ans BMW Motorrad have tied up to manufacture and sell bikes with small capacity engines that measure less than 500cc in displacement. The first bikes from the TVS-BMW collaboration will be launched in 2015. Three different bikes will be launched under the collaboration under the BMW Motorrad brand, and all these bikes will have the same engine capacity. The engine capacity may be 300cc and the engine will be petrol powered and will operate on the four stroke cycle. Styling of the BMW and TVS bikes may be different as both companies have different sets of buyers.

The three different bikes from BMW-TVS will be a roadster, sportsbike and an off roader. These bikes will be sold with BMW Motorrad branding in countries around the world. TVS Motors will also sell the same bikes but with TVS branding and at prices that are lower than the ones sold by BMW Motorrad. Basically, TVS and BMW will be like Bajaj and KTM. Like Bajaj sells the Pulsar 200 NS, which is based on the KTM Duke 200, TVS will sell 300cc bikes that are based on the BMW Motorrad 300cc machines. So if you are a TVS Motors fan in India, high performance bikes from the manufacturer are just months away.

TVS Motors is well known for being a high quality manufacturer that can get manufacturing done at a low cost. BMW Motorrad is known for its high tech bikes. Both the companies have tied up to take advantage of their respective strengths. By tying up with TVS, BMW Motorrad will be able to manufacture bikes at a low cost and sell them at profit in Europe and other developed countries. TVS Motors will get high technology from BMW that the company will use on bikes that it sells in India. We think that this is another winning partnership in the making, like the KTM-Bajaj partnership.


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