Yamaha YZF-R1 recalled in India

As a part of a global exercise, Yamaha has recalled 100 units of its liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder, 998cc YZF-R1 superbikes in India through its Indian arm, India Yamaha Motor.

The recall covers the specific R1 bikes sold in India over the last four years - the company suspects there's a technical snag with the headlights. India Yamaha’s website states that “our parent company Yamaha Motor Co., Japan has determined that a defect, which relates to headlight lead coupler overheating and melting, exists in YZF-R1 motorcycle falling within certain production numbers. This headlight sub lead must be replaced at the earliest in the motorcycles falling within certain production numbers.” The company has asked the owners of the R1 bikes to get the faulty units checked as a priority, free of cost. “Yamaha is initiating a factory modification campaign, where the affected motorcycles must get the headlight sub lead replaced with a modified one,” the statement added.

Interestingly, last month, Yamaha had recalled the R1 models sold between 2009-2013 in the US, addressing the same issue of potential failure of the headlight. Last year, India Yamaha Motor had recalled nearly 56,082 units of its Ray scooter to replace the handlebar. This was due to the possibility of some handlebars cracking or breaking due to vibrations when the scooter was being run, due to inadequate welding.

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