Mahindra GenZe electric scooter to be launched in USA

Mahindra GenZe Electric Scooter
The India based two wheeler manufacturer, Mahindra Two Wheelers is all set to launch its first electrtic scooter- GenZe STS in USA this year. The single track shuttle has been developed in Palo Alto, California, which is also famous for its strict emmision norms.

Mahindra GenZe has a very distinctive design from other E-scooters with a big boot case in the place of pillion seat, which makes easy to carry your daily household stuff. The boot case also features an accessory outlet, so you can charge your laptop or mobile on the way to your office, which makes it an ideal machine for daily commuting.

It gets a 1.4KW electric motor fitted to its rear wheel and belts out 1.8bhp, however, its light and compact chassis helps it to achiev a top speed of 50kmph. Its compact power module unit includes, a replacable lithium ion battery pack, charging system and a precise controller, which give it a range of 50 kilometers.



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