Lincoln MKX Concept announces impending launch in China

Lincoln MKX Concept
Lincoln has finally dropped the details on the MKX Concept after a few days of teasing. Set for a very important global debut at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, we're going to have to see this conceptualized version of the third-generation MKX in person before we can draw any real conclusions on the effectiveness of its design.

One of the things Lincoln will need to do to succeed is deliver something to customers that's unique to the brand's vehicles, which are exclusively rebadged models from parent company Ford. We're not sure this is going to be distinctive enough.

Unlike its last new vehicle, the Navigator, the work done on the MKX is smooth and refined. The stance of the vehicle, with its 21-inch wheels, is aggressive enough. Viewed from the profile, the overhangs appear rather short, while character lines keep it from looking slabsided. In front, we might be witnessing the cleanest interpretation yet of Lincoln's twin grilles. The headlights are slim and stylish, and we're digging the shape and style of the mirrors, which feature integrated turn signals that outline the mirror cap.

That said, the overall look still reminds us too strongly of the Ford Edge Concept that was shown in LA. A number of key styling elements, like the taillights and the shape of the greenhouse, have more Edge DNA in them than we'd like to see. The MKX does have an interesting styling to its roof, although we can't say that this treatment would make it into production.

In any case, this is a clean, stylish and attractive piece of design. Certainly, Lincoln seems to be coming to grips with its styling language, adding some of the very best cues from the upcoming MKC to the MKX Concept. All things considered, had the MKX debuted before the Edge Concept, we'd probably be a lot more impressed.



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