Hyundai Eon to get 1.0-litre Kappa engine

Hyundai will soon give its stylish entry-level hatchback, the Eon, a bit more oomph in the form of a bigger, more powerful engine. The new version can be expected to cost a tad more than the current Eon.

The engine in question is a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder motor - likely the same one used in the European-spec Hyundai i10. It makes 65bhp and 9.7kgm of torque in that car, but Hyundai is expected to tune this engine specially for India to make it more efficient. For reference, the Eon's current 814cc, three-cylinder engine makes 55bhp and 7.6kgm of torque.

The Hyundai Eon is arguably the most stylish entry-level hatchback available, and the carmaker is not likely to alter the design drastically with this update. However, a subtle facelift with a few detail changes can be expected. Likewise, in terms of equipment, the Eon is easily the best equipped in the class - like most Hyundais - but you can still expect a few more goodies to be added, at least to top-spec.

This new 1.0-litre engine will help the Hyundai Eon perform a little more on par with its rivals, such as the Maruti Alto K10 and the Datsun Go

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