Honda NM4 Vultus unveiled at Osaka Motorcycle Show

The Osaka Motorcycle Show 2014 saw the global unveiling of Honda’s two new production models of its NM4 Vultus – the NM4-01 and the NM4-02, as exhibition models. Vultus in Latin means appearance, expression or face.

The NM4 Vultus, with its LED lights (headlamp, tail-lamp and turn signals), future-shock style and stealth bomber silhouette, is inspired by futuristic machines seen in anime and manga styles, collectively known as ‘Japanimation’. The NM4-01 is fitted with a wide, dynamic rear tyre and attractive low silhouette, while the NM4-02 has utility boxes on each side of its rear body.

The menacing-looking NM4 is built on a rock-solid chassis. The 745cc twin-cylinder engine is canted forward, creating space and a low centre of gravity. The NM4 Vultus delivers strong and mid-range power and torque for smooth acceleration and excellent fuel economy, and comes packed with low friction technology. The NM4 is equipped with Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) as standard, giving the rider options between automatic twist-and-go D and S mode plus trigger-operated computer game-style manual MT mode.

The low-setup cockpit position and adjustable backrest will provide a new, enjoyable riding feel. The instrument panel is designed to provide clear readability to the rider.

The NM4, says Honda, is designed to realise two points: the design concept of the ‘front massive styling’ and ‘the cockpit position’ that will allow the rider to get onto the bike smoothly. 

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